Action Report – Washington 8/28/16

The following is a report from American Vanguard – Washington.

Our action began about a week before this crude event. We had seen signs in our local city advertising a “Go Topless Protest”. We were quite disappointed to see an American city engaged in this level of degeneracy and decided it was up to us to act. We made signs and bought T-Shirts to clothe these poor, decrepit women. It was our goal to make enough noise to distract from the disgusting event taking place, so we purchased a megaphone to make ourselves heard.


We arrived on that street corner at about 11 AM on that breezy Sunday Morning to find that there already was a topless woman facing directly into incoming traffic. Around her were various “men” and transsexuals standing with their shirts off in what the Leftists like to call “solidarity”. We set up shop directly across the street, with our first two members holding an American Flag and a sign that read “Make America Modest Again”. Our troops immediately made contact over the megaphone and reminded the degenerates that this country used to be modest, moral, and a good place to live.

Reinforcements arrived throughout the morning and early afternoon, bringing more signs (“Wear Your Dignity. Free Shirts.”) and several T-Shirts to clothe the whores with if they decided to take their dignity back. 


People from the community interacted with us all day, coming across the street to say hello, asking us why we were protesting, some berating us for not giving into the plans of the Cultural Marxists. We were not discouraged and were especially encouraged by an older woman, who drove up behind us in a White Cadillac, she thanked us for doing the community a service and rejecting the immodesty that was going on around her. She let us know that seeing young people getting involved and rejecting moral decay “gave her hope” in her words.

One especially brave woman came and joined us, and asked if she could use the megaphone. We were more than happy to let her! She got on the megaphone and asked the deranged Leftists why they hadn’t taken off their pants as well if they truly wanted to be “free”.


As their crowd grew, it became increasingly sad to see the filth that gathered across the street. Mothers with children, people taking drugs, and the homeless all flocked in to see the spectacle of women degrading themselves. Especially interesting was a woman with a sign that linked to some terrible website about stopping rape. We asked this woman why they hadn’t gone to protest at a Mosque if they truly wanted to stop rape. She was one of the loudest and often seemed very annoyed by our activities.

As the day wore on, we became more involved, and tried our best to get those degenerates to put on the shirts we had brought. One specific person in a state of absolute psychosis came across to curse us and call us “Christian cretins” and “fucking Christians”. This was especially amusing because we never identified ourselves as Christians. Another man came and asked us several questions eventually asking one of our members if he “believed in Equality”, needless to say, he was quite shocked when he learned that we indeed didn’t believe in natural equality in any form. He immediately called the member a “racist”, but was shocked to find that word has no effect on us anymore.

We did have some success in helping the youth on this afternoon. A couple of young people, who judging by their attire may have been homeless, came up to us and asked if they could have some shirts, we were more than happy to oblige, and gave them both a T-Shirt. The immediately left, never returning to the protest on the other side of the road.


Overall, the day was a success, we made friends in the community and reassured people that there is still some righteousness left in the world. We reminded those without hope that there is still a chance to take this country back, and we reminded our enemies that their Cultural Marxist nonsense will not stand forever.

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