On Race

No topic is more controversial and forbidden from rational discussion than the topic of race.  This is because race, as a valid biological construct, possesses many implications which blaspheme the religious egalitarian worldview of the West. When racial questions are brought up, or racial observations made, the egalitarian intellectual promptly arrives on the scene to either “dispel the myth of race,” or rationalize a way to pin the shortcomings of specific racial populations onto the White race. It’s time we own up to the biological reality of race. How dare we, the West, fancy ourselves an intellectual forefront while denying basic evolution? Ancestral separation carries vast biological consequences, but the moment the human species enters the picture, we adopt some useful race creationist worldview.

As we all know, race as a category was created to categorize humans by their ancestry. This has proven useful far beyond the realm of socio-political ends, although the egalitarian would of course be ignorant of this fact. Indeed, race as a biological categorization of the human species possesses many useful medical ends, predictive behavioral capabilities, and an overall clearer picture of the world as we know it once we own up to the biological implications of race; That shortcomings of certain races are not necessarily the fault of sociological inequality, but of genetic reality.

People are often surprised to find out just how great a role heritable genes play in the intelligence, personality, and behavior of individuals. Consider a study conducted by professor Bouchard on hundreds of identical twins given up for adoption, and separated at birth (1). Often times, the twins were even unaware of the existence of the other twin. Yet, when researchers compared the two twins, they found that the twins were similar in mannerisms and personality. Many had chosen the same professions, and shared the same hobbies. In one case, the twins had a similar psychotic episode around roughly the same age, and around roughly the same amount of time. This study is just one of many which conclude how significant a role heritable genes play in the behavior and personality of an individual.

What about race? First it must be established that, when looking at the whole genome, pairs of people of the same race are almost always more genetically similar than pairs of people from different races (2). So would it follow that members of a specific race are more alike in personality and behavior? The answer is yes. In Race, Evolution, and Behavior, psychologist Phillippe Rushton documented significant racial differences brain size, intelligence, sexuality, personality, growth rate, life span, crime, and family stability (3). On all these measurements, Orientals (East Asians, Mongoloids) fall on one end of the spectrum, and Blacks on the other end of the spectrum. Whites fall somewhere in the middle, often close to Orientals. For example, the average IQ for Blacks in The United States is 85 (70 for African Blacks), while the average IQ of Whites is 100, and 106 for the average Oriental. The gap between American and African Blacks, environmental factors aside, is likely due to the fact that American Blacks are, on average, of mixed racial descent. Rather, they have obtained heritable intelligence genes from White racial mixing.

Objections to these facts typically are, more often than not, objections to IQ as an accurate measurement of intelligence. In defense of IQ as a valid measurement of intelligence, I would point to the fact that IQ often predicts how much money one will be making, and how well one does in school (IQ is also slightly stimulated by being engaged in schooling) (10)(11). Furthermore, occupations which require higher intelligence, such as medical doctors, or lawyers, are far more often than not occupied by individuals with high IQ scores (12). IQ doesn’t seem to fall short for its designed utility; it’s clear IQ measures intelligence.

The next objection which is likely to follow is projection of the ever-unfalsifiable systemic oppression; Blacks must perform poorly because there is an inherent bias in the methods of intelligence testing. After all, the IQ test originated in the West, so perhaps it is best fit for its native peoples. While this objection carries with it a delicious irony, that people of different races think and rationalize differently, I will simply address the substance of the objection at hand. Experts in IQ testing are in agreement; the tests are valid, and generally free of racial bias (13). Even if we were to accept the premise of this objection, it very clumsily forgets that East Asians outperform Whites in “their own” IQ tests.

An objection to this data is typically an appeal to environment; that we ought to consider the economic status of the races involved. It should be known that this data holds true even when controlling for environment. In fact, on average, Whites from poor families have a higher IQ than Blacks coming from rich families. Furthermore, when controlling for fixed IQ [100] and fixed age, Whites, Blacks, and Latinos all three earn roughly the same in annual wages (14). As expected by this data, those with a low IQ score are more often than not below the poverty line. Additionally, those with lower IQ are more likely to dropout from high school, go to jail, be on welfare, and have children out of wedlock (15). The impact of this is also racially correlated, as Blacks seem to suffer heavily from these sociological issues. In other words, while environment certainly does play a role in one’s cognitive development, even more so, one’s cognitive development plays a heavier role in how one constructs his environment. How can we know this to be the case?

Environment is an important factor in the development of an individual, but it should be noted that the intellectual capabilities of individuals are almost entirely due to their genes. As reported by David L. Kirp in a New York Times article (4), “A century’s worth of quantitative-genetics literature concludes that a person’s I.Q. is remarkably stable and that about three-quarters of I.Q. differences between individuals are attributable to heredity.” This also can explain the socio-economic status of these races, as, mentioned earlier, IQ serves as a reliable predictor of one’s financial success (5). Yes, even in White countries, Asians tend to outperform Whites on a financial level.

There are some other less known psychological differences in the races. For example, some races have larger brains than other races. The brain size gaps are consistent with the IQ gaps mentioned above; Blacks on one end of the spectrum, Orientals on the other end of the spectrum, and Whites in the middle for a close second place (6). Large cranial cavity size is needed for a large brain. Because of this, and as expected, females belonging to racial groups of larger brain sizes have larger pelvic anatomy for birthing (7). Some races also physically mature faster than other races (3). Once again, this is consistent with the previously listed patterns. Furthermore, animals with larger brains also tend to have longer lifespans. This is also consistent with, but not entirely explanatory of, the differences in lifespans between the races (3)(8).

It’s clear that race is a valid categorization of taxonomy. The fact that the culturally Left-oriented intellectuals of the West love to point out that categorizations can change depending on the sociological circumstances is irrelevant. The motivations behind such a construction has no bearing on whether or not the concept will be useful for science, or if it pertains to an obvious biological reality. Plenty of scientific concepts have changed and adapted over time, such as mathematical units for measurement. Change within these concepts do not invalidate them. The usefulness remains intact.

How the egalitarian is to deal with dismissing such an obvious truth is beyond my understanding from a rational basis. However, the egalitarian is anything but rational. The religious convictions of the West, both religious and post-religious, keep their rationality forcefully tucked away in a comforting dark blanket. Removing this blanket is to invite heresy into one’s life. To be rational in this age requires expulsion from many facets of life. The racist, the heretic, is the modern witch. Over and over again, society is reminded that today’s racists are everywhere and nowhere. It could be anyone; your mother, your brother, your best friend, or even yourself. We must always be aware, we are taught, of our surroundings and peers; to be on alert at all times for the heretic, for if they are allowed to roam without check, surely society will succumb to the devil’s magic.

This comforting egalitarian bliss has had absolutely detrimental effects upon our society. Where the egalitarian sees inequality, he fights tooth and nail to equalize. No gap is acceptable, and all gaps are the product of mere socio-political structures in the mind of this potato. Of course these “gaps” hardly dissipate with cultural war and legislative efforts. Blacks still underperform when compared to Whites regardless of how much welfare we create, or how many intellectual egalitarian talking points we repeat to impressionable young students. Blacks still commit much more violent crime than Whites, and no amount of blaming the police or Black apologetics have changed this fact (9).

The egalitarian fights a fight that cannot be won. These sociological outcomes are the products of biological reality; not of mere baseless tribalism. He self-righteously pats himself on the back after stirring the fires of cultural and racial tension, and the longer the struggle goes on, the longer he pats himself on the back. It’s an endless cycle of masturbatory self-validation. He violates peace and harmony in the name of this moral mainstream; the self-stroking religion of egalitarianism. Such a parasite seeking moral dopamine highs at the expense of harmony is a plague on our civilizations.

It’s time we grew up, and own up to reality. Race denial has plagued the Western mind for long enough. The moral highs so eagerly sought after from egalitarian religious crusades have torn our society into an everlasting mess of infighting.  As long as we strive for egalitarian “purity,” what we will have, and continue to have, is a state of perpetual cultural war. There will be no end to this struggle, but there will be a continuing degradation of societal cohesion. Let us drop these self-serving ideologies and return to truth once again.


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3 thoughts on “On Race

  1. “Environment is an important factor in the development of an individual, but it should be noted that the intellectual capabilities of individuals are almost entirely due to their genes. As reported by David L. Kirp in a New York Times article (4), “A century’s worth of quantitative-genetics literature concludes that a person’s I.Q. is remarkably stable and that about three-quarters of I.Q. differences between individuals are attributable to heredity.” This also can explain the socio-economic status of these races, as, mentioned earlier, IQ serves as a reliable predictor of one’s financial success (5). Yes, even in White countries, Asians tend to outperform Whites on a financial level.”

    It’s a common tactic for shitlibs and cuckervative signalers to point to environment as the only factor or the larger factor which contributes to all manner of disparities. But even if we were to grant this false supposition it would be like asking a mechanic why your car isn’t running right and then claiming the fact you don’t have any pistons in your engine block isn’t as big of an issue as the environmental factors of wear and tear.

    Genes are the foundational structure which for the environment to act upon. And, since tabula rasa is bullshit, it follows that the underlying baseline genetic framework will vary depending on the race of the human being.

    This tactic is a cheap, superficial one, which relies on the user’s ability to quickly move past the tactic and a degree of ignorance on the part of the person listening to the tactic get deployed. Stop them and asks them what the environment is acting upon.

    You’ll trigger the shit out of them either way.

    Good article!

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  2. Good stuff, Ghoul. One of the things we should be working on is getting normies toward a place where they feel they can acknowledge race, and its implications for public policy, in a manner that would actually help other races. The “they’ll do better back in Africa, it’s their home environment, they can adapt to it and not have to constantly fail in a society they are not adapted for.” kind of thing. Otherwise, we are truly doomed to an endless spiral of failure to equalize racial outcomes, leading to more problems, leading to bad and costly solutions which create more problems and grievances, etc.

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  3. The primary liberal argument against the significance of race is “environmentalism”. Supported by democrats, humanists, and Marxists alike, this theory holds that not racial ancestry, but factors such as climate, arable land, education, luck, and social opportunities determine group or individual achievement. They believe men are equal at birth, and differences that become apparent in the course of a lifetime are the result of external influences. They believe that man is a victim circumstance. The more favorable the environment and circumstances, the better the person will turn out. In essence, man does not mold the age; the age molds the man.

    In the real world, no amount of education can change the inner substance of a person, since the factors that determine who he is does not come from outside himself. They rest within him, given to him by his parents and grandparents. Race alone makes the individual and indeed the whole society masters of their environment and external circumstances, to shape them according to their will.

    There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker, or smarter. Everything is within. Your ancestors have given you everything that exists. Only when man seeks nothing outside of himself can he avoid being a victim of circumstance and mold the age.


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