Northern Propaganda Campaign

From NYC to Seattle, placing posters and meeting with allies, American Vanguard spreads its message and influence. It was a very eventful campaign, and we thank our allies at Counter-Currents, Identity Europa, and TRS for their involvement!

Meeting with some TRS allies in NYC and Chicago:

A fantastic meeting with allies of Identity Europa, TRS, and fellow Vanguard members in Seattle:


Posters across the North expanse of our Homeland:

9 thoughts on “Northern Propaganda Campaign

  1. You are all sick! Stay out of southern oregon. There is no place for you here anymore. Post a meeting and we will be there to protest your existence. And if you want to fight for something you truly believe in, show your face, cowards.


  2. As a woman and mom I appreciate the posters very much ! Also,I am not going to feel like I have to change my personality around different people because I’m white.
    I never been so aware of this until foolish folk started gossiping muddled words recently to razzle others.
    I have traveled and stayed in many states in America, I loved them all! I do not want folk ruining this country with crazy nonsense!!
    We are not sick we are down to earth.
    Thank you.

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  3. Oy vey goys, saw your posters at my local community college in CA. Got taken down immediately though, and professors used it to set an “example” of how racism is still alive. Filled me with happiness seeing how triggered they got.


  4. Finally a worthwhile white Nationalist youth movement that is professional and straight to the point. I have to say I like what I see I hope to join as a member soon and look forward to meeting other American Vanguard members in the future. Hail Victory!


  5. My husband goes to graduate college to be a counselor. He’s been told he couldn’t get into the school he’d went to previously because he was a white male. At the school he’s at now, they wouldn’t let him be the student body president because he’s a white male. He’s been attacked and his assignments mass null and void because he defended himself and his opinions. He’s hatred because he’s not a full blown communist. He’s not really learned anything because all his classes he’s being taught it’s the patriarchy, white males, and white privilege that is the cause to all our problems. It’s unbelievably deranged and disgusting. Thank you for all you do.


  6. These posters were placed in Santa Barbara and it was awesome. Some dike professor tore most of them down but not before a lot of people saw them. Good work to who ever put these up. If you read this HMU I’m a like-minded white man. Hail victory 88

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