A Futile Struggle

The story of the struggle for racial equality in the United States is, coincidentally, the best evidence for the lack of equality between the races.There are two ways you can bring about equality between two groups:, equality of opportunity,and equality of results. The 14th amendment and later Supreme Court decisions targeted the former.

The goal of equality of opportunity is to take away boundaries to employment and education. The theory is that, when there is no discrimination in society the races will perform equally, now that they have a level playing field. The opposite has been the case.
 If anything, allowing African-Americans to compete on the same level as Whites in the
workplace further pronounced differences between the two groups. The complete and utter failure of instilling equality of opportunity is evident when looking at the shift in the means used to obtain this nebulous notion of equality since the 1960’s.
The races could not compete on the same level, given the same opportunity. This is the
textbook definition of two groups not being equal. The fact that more legislation needed to be passed is evident enough of this. Then and there it should have been apparent to the left that the foundation of their worldview had begun to crack under its own farcical qualities.
Since opportunity did not work, the targeting of the results began. Not only must the two races have the same options open to them, they must succeed as well as each other on the basis of how they use those options. Affirmative action was signed by an Executive Order by John F. Kennedy in March of 1961. The act was not passed through Congress for fear that it would be disputed. It was later replaced by another similar Executive order, this one by Lyndon B. Johnson in September of 1965.
The races must not only compete at the same level, but succeed at the same level. Their logic to bring about this equality was make employment and education comparatively harder for whites, but easier for non whites.
The races could not compete on the same level given the same opportunities, therefore they were proven not to be equal. Decades of that did not work, and decades of affirmative action and putting white Americans second has even had marginal effects on the economic status of the races. The movement for equality has failed because the notion of equality as the left presents it simply does not exist.

2 thoughts on “A Futile Struggle

  1. And they swear up and down that they’re equal, but the second you say, “okay, if that’s the case, we can cancel affirmative action and use of the bell curve and desegregation school bussing,” THEY say “No! We NEED that because we can’t do as good as you without it!” Contradict yourselves much?? Smh. :/

  2. I have a question of responsibility.I live in San Bernardino ,Ca and I would like to know who is responsible for the sale or funding of every convenience store, gas station, and motel being owned and operated by only one race . Arabian,Indian(India), or whatever sand they come from.Whatever white man or woman that helped that inundate itself ought to be held responsible for their ignorance and vulnerability.

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