A Muslim Free America

In the most recent bout of public outreach carried out by our members across the nation, Muslims and their communities were a particular center of focus. Our poster, which exclaims that the viewer imagine a Muslim free America, was widely viewed and interpreted in many ways.

These flyers along with others were placed at a Mosque in Louisiana, Rutgers University in New Jersey, and the University of Texas. They had their desired affect of bringing attention to our cause and the issue of Muslims in America.AmVanUT.jpg

Imagine an America free of a violent minority who is politically, socially, and economically incompatible with White Americans and has no natural right to be here. Of course, some type of violent genocide to expunge the Muslim population from America is not the plan of our organization, even though many assumed that based on the lies they have been fed.

America is, by right and history, a White nation. It deserves to stay that way, and it deserves a political system that realizes and preserves the essence of its unique people in all forms.

The acts carried out by traitorous politicians and corrupt officials serve only to prove the need for drastically new leadership at the head of this great nation. Muslims do not belong in White nations and their culture has no right at all to form ungovernable cells within our society which must then be treated as occupied zones.MuslimFreeAmerica2.png

Multiculturalism as a concept remains a complete and utter farce of the imagination, and cannot be entertained in the political climate of America. To every people belongs a nation, our goal is to restore that natural order. Muslims have their nations which belong to their religion and their race, their shared creed and identity. We advise they stay there, or go back if they have made the mistake of coming to America.

Wars pushed by international finance and a nebulous, global clique of rootless Jews has torn apart the Middle East in pursuit of resources, political prowess for Israel, and above all else the profits of these select few individuals at the top of the global financial ladder.

The America of the future will neither take part in nor endorse these foreign conflicts which soak American blood deep into alien soil for the wills of individuals with vested interests who view our men and women as nothing more than units of force to be expended as they please.

Our actions are not illegal. Wanting your nation preserved and empowered is not treason. If the Americans who are most upstanding and faithful to the American cause are deemed criminals and the powers at be demand they be censored and stopped, it speaks only more to the very reason we exist.

Here is an assorted list of news coverage describing our efforts:

“UT-Austin’s message was trash,” Khan said in an email. “This was a great way to tell their Muslim students that they really don’t give a shit about their safety. UT cares more about their property being destroyed than the lives of their students.”

“The contents of the flyer, which was also posted elsewhere nationwide, violate the values and ideals for which Rutgers stands,” the spokesman said in an email. “We strongly condemn this kind of speech and are appalled that our Muslim community was targeted in this way.” Article from Mic

“American Vanguard is a white supremacy organization based on the belief that “white America” is under attack and needs to take back the nation before whites become the minority — which is estimated to happen by the year 2044, according to their website.”

“On their Facebook page, American Vanguard challenged universities for being hypocritical about free speech. Their Twitter account has been suspended, but state chapters have their own accounts. There’s also a new account called @TrueAmVanguard that posted its first tweet Monday.” – Article by USA Today

“University officials said there was only one poster found on campus. Police responded to reports of the poster in New Brunswick just before 5:30 p.m. and took it down.”

“‘The diversity of the student body at Rutgers University has long been a source of pride and inspiration, and the University administration must not allow narrow-minded bigots to tarnish its reputation and intimidate its students,’ said CAIR-NJ Executive Director James Sues.” – Article by NJ.com

“‘Immediately, I was angered,” said Shanzay Farzan, a student and a Muslim. “But of course upon a little reflection and research, I think it’s clear, it’s mostly a joke website.'”

“‘We know what our campus is really made of,’ said Farzan.” – Article by PIX11

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, today called on state and federal law enforcement authorities to investigate Islamophobic signs posted on a Louisiana mosque as a hate crime.” – Press Release by CAIR