Maryland, Sanctuary of the Criminals

MarylandStateLogoA story has broken through the mainstream media in the last day or so about a rape case concerning a 14 year old girl in Rockville, Maryland. This vile act was committed by two foreign criminals from Central America, one of which was in this country illegally and had been caught previously crossing into our borders. Both of them have outstanding orders from Immigration Customs and Enforcement. These fiends had been placed into our public school system in Montgomery County, Maryland in the freshman class for their poor English skills, and brutally raped a 14 year old classmate in the boys bathroom during school hours. This heinous act and the ones to come have not been quelled, but enabled by the State of Maryland’s leftist legislation.

In the period of time around 2008 the state of Virginia began an illegal immigrant crackdown that forced many of these foreign criminals  to flee out of the state. Montgomery County had been one of the primary destinations of these individuals due to the close proximity to the state border. In fact, the Montgomery county population has always had a very high percentage of foreigners at 32.6% of people being born outside of the United States. The hispanic population also increased by 64.5% in the period between the 2000 and 2010 census.

The local government has gone way too far to protect these criminals especially since the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States. Trump has given ICE more power via a executive order to deport those who have crossed into our lands illegally. Montgomery county has taken to being a sanctuary city in all but name to protect these individuals by cooperating with ICE at bare-minimum requirements to maintain federal funding.

Where the real problem starts right now is that on the day this evil act occurred the leftist controlled Maryland House of Delegates passed the “Maryland Law Enforcement and Trust Act” 83-55 which effectively takes one big step toward making Maryland the first ‘sanctuary state’. This law protects criminals and puts our people at risk by impairing federal immigration enforcement. The Maryland government clearly does not understand the gravity of what it is doing to our people by allowing non-White criminals to run rampant in our state.IllegalsGetOutReee.png

This legislative slap in the face to White America is going to enable these foreign aliens to rape our women, ruin our cities, and destroy our homeland. We as Vanguard America must stand steadfast in the path to protect our families and loved ones from invaders of all foreign races. Lawmakers do not have White Americans in their hearts and minds and must be removed from office if they further seek to destroy our nationhood. We will not, and must not allow this land filled with so much history to degrade into a bastion of degeneracy that it may not recover from.

Vanguard America and Vanguard Maryland highly recommends that all Whites loyal to this nation and the true struggle of our people find any and all illegal non-Whites and report them to the proper authorities. These invaders must not be allowed a moment of solace in our nation, and we must utilize the institutions which have momentarily turned towards our interests.

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