The Warrior Spirit of American Fascists

We are brothers in arms and put those beside us before ourselves. We face the enemy on equal footing and show them respect where it is due, and deny all mercy when it is not earned. We are men of integrity, honor, and valor.

We are White, we are nationalists, and we are Fascists.

When a challenge is faced, there is less deliberation on potential hardship, as long as the challenge is overcome. Our fight is not for the preservation of some abstract, nebulous ideas of multiculturalism or democracy, but rather the very tactile and real notions of survival and the prosperity of our race. No man can truly dedicate his life and his vigor to a mere idea, a concept. People may “stand up,” for equality, but they may not die for it. If they do, they die for nothing.ShirtDesign1.png

We are of a warrior blood and warrior spirit, just as many generations of our ancestors have been. Our fight is both different and identical to theirs, against an enemy as old as the written word. A foundational standard of ethics must be present in our doctrine. This ethos will teach us shame instead of guilt, where a man is not merely judged by himself or God, but his nationhood and community. Shame for not improving yourself, for failing, for fleeing from danger, for fearing death itself. Self-preservation, found in all creatures, must be cast aside in favor of doing what is necessary to protect our race. Where you can die with honor, surrender is simply not an option.

We must live by loyalty to our race, fellow members of this eternal struggle, and our women.

Having the women of our people become once again proud of their blood and sure in their duties is insurmountably important. The backbone of a civilization is the family, and the backbone of the family is the mother.

Lead from the front, by example, or not at all is what we teach the greatest among us. Tackle a challenge with the intention of doing more than expected, not less. Face your enemy head, on in a fair fight. Know that sometimes you will have to take an initiative to win a battle before it is even fought. When times are bleak and hope seems a distant memory, steel yourself and only grow more resolute in your beliefs of victory at the end of struggle.

The warrior culture is ingrained in all peoples, including Americans. America once had a special society, one where men worked their own land and supported their family, but were ready to take up arms in defense of their homeland at a moment’s notice. Easy times in the second half on the 20th century changed that. Men and women fell into complacency, assuming that their nation would always be safe.

The pride of righteous conflict itself has been taken from the best of our people, as they no longer wage wars for the interests of their nationhood, but the interests of the vested few. Soldiers wage ineffectual wars in distant, foreign lands and die lying in alien soil for uncertain goals, and for what? So the cabal of Jewish-led international finance can gain more capital at the expense of American lives?

Now we have a civilian society, devoid of warrior culture, where former soldiers are considered outcasts by a large portion of our citizens. The lack of a society that fully supports our warriors is one that cannot last. We aim to fix this.
We are the flesh and blood medium in which Fascism flows and manifests itself. Fascism is an idea, and it cannot be killed with bullets or blades. Our men dedicate body and soul to a conflict they very well know could outlive them.

3 thoughts on “The Warrior Spirit of American Fascists

  1. I know what it is like to be discriminated for being white. I have been shown much disrespect, by those in another race, many times. I have also been shown disrespect by my own kind. It does not seem to matter what race you are; sooner or later someone will show up and get defiant and vile with you. Those who are criminal by nature hang around with other criminals who may or may not be illegal aliens. They all work together, and get paid to betray even members of their own race. I am for protecting my own race but not through violence. God’s word says we are to love our enemies and do good to them. That does not mean that we don’t stand up for our own values and beliefs. It just means we are not to do them any harm. We have laws that were meant to protect us but are not being enforced. Because of the apathy of some of our law enforcement agencies and because they are not doing their jobs well; they have left us with no recourse but to find another way to help ourselves. Sad but true. In a courtroom back in 2011 there were people who were trying to tear me down as a person and as a Christian. My faith in God and my belief that God can communicate to his people any way he wants to was considered delusional.
    I admire you all in a way. You know that there is a lot going on that threatens our existence and are willing to do something about it. You come across as fearless, and have courage. But, please make sure you use God’s wisdom and seek wise counsel before doing anything. Your flier has ignited a fire and people will take you the wrong way even if you are right about what you say. Next time you may want to put: “To all God fearing Americans” instead of just what you said on the flier. Anyone who truly knows God should be against illegal aliens being in America and be willing to do something about it. What I really don’t like are the illegal aliens that are committing criminal acts. That gets me hot under the collar. They have no right to be here. These sanctuary cities are a joke bloke. Sorry this was such a long post. I hope I have inspired you in some way and that you will remember me in your prayers. Bye for now…

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