Illusion of Protection

“The only real security a man can have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience and ability.”

-Henry Ford


The primary purpose of the state is to provide security and order for its citizens. This is axiomatic, and is a point upon which all both the most extreme Leftists and Anarchists can agree. Any state finds itself, at the beginning, as a collective display of power for the preservation or creation of a certain way of living. Security and safety of the population forms the base of the pyramid upon which all other endeavors are built. For instance, we cannot be effective advocates for our people if we fear that our wives and children may be physically threatened at home while we are away. Whatever our individual feelings about our local police forces, most of us have a general sense that the homestead is looked after in our absence, if only passively.

What we have seen recently is the polarization of views on law enforcement. Subversive, anti-White movements within the Black population view the police as a gang which is hostile to their interests. Antifa and other Leftist agitators gleefully scream that our officers are “pigs” and “Fascists”, and yet maintain the expectation that if they confront the wrong Nationalist, and end up on the wrong end of a beating, that the police will swoop in to save them; and they often do.

Our movement inherently venerates law an order, albeit attached to a rightful authority that coincides with the interests of our people. While undoubtedly we do not have this sort of authority in place at present, Vanguard America – and the greater movement – respect the concept of the police, and the bulwark they form against the lawlessness and barbarism of our enemies.

This is in spite of the fact that our encounters with police have been decidedly mixed. At Berkeley and in areas of D.C. it became apparent that many officers were content to allow the Antifa filth to assault those on the Right with pepper spray, sticks, fists and in some cases, even deadly weapons. In Alabama police took a much more proactive approach against the chaos our enemies sought to spread, and snuffed it from the outset. To us, it’s obvious what accounts for this discrepancy. American society is gradually being torn between two elemental forces that have been at war, in one form or another, since the Renaissance.

The modern, subversive left, filled to the brim with Communists, Anarchists and worse seeks to tear down and demean our history, cast guilt on us and our ancestors, and flood our nation with outsiders to destroy social cohesion. They have dressed this ruinous philosophy in the trappings of equality, fairness, and social justice, and it’s evident that many throughout our country and the world have embraced this farcical lie. Law enforcement to them is a tool, nothing more.

Standing opposed to this is the traditional, proud order which has endured since the days of the Roman Empire, medieval Europe, and which has culturally bedded down here in America at its inception. This end of the spectrum stands with one eye fixed to the past, and another to the future. We understand that we need to expect excellence, order and above all, cultural fidelity from our people in order to fix humanity’s eyes on the stars once again.

Vanguard America pursues this ethos undaunted, and more Americans hold this creed closer to their hearts than the lying, controlled media would ever admit.

Just as our population is pulled between these two extremes, and cracks in our unity begin to appear after decades of subversion, law enforcement is similarly affected. It is not to be forgotten that law enforcement officers are human beings, and are exposed to the same manipulations, lies and poison that others are. As many stand idle while Antifa causes chaos and mayhem, and convince themselves that the Right is the true threat to the American way of life, more still look with sober eyes at the situation, and wonder “this is who I’m protecting?”

The lesson is this: the minds and thinking of the officers wearing the badge is every bit as up for grabs in this ideological war as any other person. In time, we may rely on them to refuse an unlawful order, and stand for the people they are sworn to protect. Our people. We must present ourselves well, both physically and intellectually, so that the undecided officer may see which in which direction the path of duty truly leads.

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