Silver or Lead

There exists within the organized crime world a common tactic which, due to it’s effectiveness, finds use across dozens of such organizations. The mafia, the Mexican drug cartels, underground smuggling rings; all have found that one of their most effective strategies is to identify those people and institutions which stand as threats to their forward momentum and co-opt them. Police, customs agents, witnesses to crimes, politicians, and bureaucrats may be compromised by the simple ultimatum: “Silver or Lead”.

The expression, coined by Latin American drug cartels, has a simple meaning: “You’ll benefit by helping us, and we’ll destroy you if you resist us. We give you silver, or we give you lead.” In this way, corruption allows injustice to go unremedied, unpunished, or at best, impermissibly delayed.

The United States was founded by noble men with a frontier spirit, and we are descended from explorers and visionaries. And yet their creation, our government, has ultimately been turned into yet another attack vector against our culture and our people by the parasite of international financiers and multi-national corporations. This machinery gathered momentum over the long course of history, and like the cartels, they thrive on the corruption of would-be saviors and everyday heroes in order to continue their ongoing plundering of our wealth, murder our of people, exploitation of our soldiers and humiliation of our culture.

Those who have stood up to this momentum faced this choice: silver or lead? Those who chose lead include such names as Andrew Jackson and John F. Kennedy, as well as lesser known heroes such as Michael Hastings and Seth Rich. Of course, one may be given “lead” in a more figurative and less dramatic sense, as in the case of the destruction of Senator Joseph McCarthy’s legacy or the numerous instances of “doxxing” and intimidation by Antifa and other leftist filth.

For many on the right, but also for an overwhelming number of desperate and disillusioned working class Americans, Donald Trump represented just such a hero. Throughout the 2016 campaign, the “lead” came at him fast and furious, from non-stop negative press to outright felonious leaking by members of the US intelligence apparatus of sensitive material. The cartel that is our occupied government and the powers behind it saw in Donald Trump a violent nudge of the Overton Window, and a rallying point for the Americans that had successfully beaten into submission for so long.

And then the unthinkable happened. “We” won. Donald Trump was sworn into the presidency, and many believed that he would begin cutting away the tumor that had burrowed so deeply into the flesh of our nation. Gone would be the subversive influence of Zionism, foreign banks, the demographic dilution of mass immigration and the cultural perversion that had bled into our lives. It was a new day.

But many began to suspect, as we do, that shortly after his victory Trump was given the same ultimatum: “Silver or lead?”

It’s no secret that many of us at Vanguard America feel that he has failed to, or at least has been unacceptably sluggish in eradicating these problems. Worse, as days go one we receive mixed signals that he may have been co-opted by our enemies. We watch as President Trump solemnly places his hand on the Wailing Wall in Israel and bows his head in sympathy for a culture which is as alien to us as any other. We watch as he continues the warmongering destruction with the Zionist elements of our government, and we wonder, has he chosen the enemy’s silver? With the media attacks against him becoming increasingly shrill and nonsensical, it’s difficult to say for certain and we are getting mixed signals at best.

Time will tell. In the meantime, Vanguard America implores our countrymen to continue focusing on self-improvement. Exercise, eat nourishing food, read your children educational books and develop useful skills. Like a fasces, each individual man can only stand so strong on his own. As a collective we are unbreakable. This is a requirement for the men and women of the future, because in this way, soon they won’t have enough silver to buy us all, or enough lead to stop us all.