A Statistic on the Homosexual Pathology

0: Introduction Let’s be clear about this issue: We strictly do not support or endorse transvestites, gays, or other sexual deviants are mentally unhealthy, and thus pose a risk to any wholesome community. We do not speaking from ideology or hatred, but from an understanding of data about the LGBT clique that is not reported … Continue reading A Statistic on the Homosexual Pathology

Northern Propaganda Campaign

From NYC to Seattle, placing posters and meeting with allies, American Vanguard spreads its message and influence. It was a very eventful campaign, and we thank our allies at Counter-Currents, Identity Europa, and TRS for their involvement! Meeting with some TRS allies in NYC and Chicago: A fantastic meeting with allies of Identity Europa, TRS, … Continue reading Northern Propaganda Campaign

The Case For One’s Kin

It’s parroted over and over in our media, in our schools, and by our politicians; diversity is not only a strength, but a cultural phenomenon worthy of the sincerest of praise. When diversity comes to mind to the average Westerner, he may picture men and women from all over the world coming together in mutual … Continue reading The Case For One’s Kin

On Race

No topic is more controversial and forbidden from rational discussion than the topic of race.  This is because race, as a valid biological construct, possesses many implications which blaspheme the religious egalitarian worldview of the West. When racial questions are brought up, or racial observations made, the egalitarian intellectual promptly arrives on the scene to … Continue reading On Race

Action Report – Washington 8/28/16

The following is a report from American Vanguard - Washington. Our action began about a week before this crude event. We had seen signs in our local city advertising a "Go Topless Protest". We were quite disappointed to see an American city engaged in this level of degeneracy and decided it was up to us … Continue reading Action Report – Washington 8/28/16