Suidlanders Fundraiser

Vanguard America is doing a fundraiser to host the South African civil defense organization, the Suidlanders, in Washington D.C. on July 7th, 2017. Every donation we receive from now, until the event itself will be going towards their efforts in South Africa.

There are many disagreements among America’s far-right, but this cause should stand as a unifying issue.

Among other things, the Suidlanders are dedicated to protecting the White inhabitants of South Africa in an increasingly hostile atmosphere. An atmosphere they, and many credible others, believe will lead to their attempted genocide.



Vanguard America has been very interested in the efforts of the Suidlanders in their travels across the nation, and has attended many of their meetings. If you believe in the cause to protect one’s people, as we and many others do, visit our “Contribute” page and donate whatever you wish via Paypal or Bitcoin. Everything we receive will go towards the event for the Suidlanders and the gift they will receive.

Our goal is to raise $10,000, but we aren’t quite there yet. This post will be updated as we get closer to our goal.

Austin Capitol Demonstration

Vanguard America, Daily Stormer, The Right Stuff, and other like minded organizations all came together on June 17 at the Austin capitol to rally for the future of white Texans. Together, a strong and united front proclaimed that Texas belongs to those who created it, and the enemies of our people will not defeat us.

Vanguard America stood in formation in front of the crowd as the speeches began, framed by twin American sonnenrad flags. Ken Reed, a local event coordinator, spoke of William Travis’s line in the sand and Francis Lynch’s actions that parallel those of Paul Revere, calling on the same courage to be found in our hearts as we fight for the well being of our people. A speaker for Vanguard America, called on the youth of today to stop denying their identity, to remember their roots and to actively seek the rebirth of the great nation that they have inherited. Azzmador, a writer and podcast host from The Daily Stormer, reminded those in attendance of what White men have always historically done when someone threatens our existence. He urged those who would listen to rise up, overthrow their tyrants and create new nations.


“When are we gonna fight for the white man?”, Sacco Vandal, a writer for American Renaissance and published author, shouted as he emotionally proclaimed the he has had enough, and would rather die fighting for the right of his children to exist, than to die in fruitless foreign wars.

Mike Enoch, a podcast host and founder of The Right Stuff, called out the hypocritical congressmen of the country for turning their back on the descendants of those who founded it. He attacked the terms surrounding “diversity” and named mass immigration for what it truly is: a systematic attempt to replace Whites.

Once the speeches had ended Vanguard America then led a crowd of at roughly one hundred on a march around the capitol grounds, stopping to pay tribute to the confederate monument on the southwest side.


At the end of the march the crowd headed by groups to Scholz Garten, a German restaurant in Austin, for the after event. A wonderful time of fellowship and networking amongst the groups was had by all. The one Leftist in Austin who decided to intrude on our gathering was quickly escorted from the premises and managed to cause no damage whatsoever.


There was one near miss however, when one of the group’s own decided to play a prank by donning a local Communist group’s red mask and taunting a room filled to the brim with Nationalists mid reverie. Upon seeing a few dozen men swarming toward him through one tiny exit, he quickly removed his mask and announced himself. Laughs were had all around.

During his speech, Ken Reed declared that, “Today will be nothing but a success”, and we here in Vanguard America gladly report that he was absolutely correct. The rally was a success. Antifa and affiliate groups showed no resistance whatsoever, as planned by the organizers.


The actions of the men and women who participated in this demonstration should show clearly to all that change comes from taking risks, and standing up yourself can be the first step to change.

Do Something More

“Battle is the most magnificent competition in which a human being can indulge. It brings out all that is best; it removes all that is base. All men are afraid in battle. The coward is the one who lets his fear overcome his sense of duty. Duty is the essence of manhood.” – General Patton

You may have found yourself here, at whatever hour, because you know that the messages you are fed today are a deception, or else outright lies. We all have a sense that something is wrong, and we each react to it differently.

Vanguard America won’t waste time pointing you at links, or “red-pill” sources, as important as we believe those to be in this fight, and they are.

We speak with the assumption that if you have made it this far, these words should already carry meaning. We’re told we’re evil for being white, for being male, for being Christian or being traditional. Even having opinions that differ from the perverse zeitgeist of the day is an offense. Our enemies are out in force, even if we do not wish them to be our enemies; even if our good nature quails at conflict, conflict has found us nonetheless. We’re disparaged, mocked, abused and marginalized.

We’re told to accept our lot, to expect it to get worse, and that we deserve all of it. We’re told to accept the second mortgage, accept the taxes and penalties for not sucking at the breast of the insurance companies, and to accept the low expectations that the future seems to hold.

This is all because they fear us. Never forget this. In their black hearts, those that press down on us from above move to dispirit us because they know that, over a long enough timeline, and with our natural pride and fidelity to our people, we can stop them.

Some of us came to our current mindset only after the passage of years. It was only after watching our idealized view of our respective nations (whichever nation that might be, either in the US, Europe, Australia or Canada) become perverted and despoiled as we progressed through life that we came to realize that things were not as we they should be, and that we as representatives of our people had to affect change. We had to. The ghosts of our fathers and grandfathers demanded it, if only metaphorically. Vanguard America hears you. Join us.

Others came of age in this current state of affairs, and are by consequence far from the closed and ignorant minds of their contemporaries. It takes much more to be immersed in a decadent and depraved culture that exalts the base and undermines the pure and to still emerge clear-minded and sober. You have inherited the filth of the last generation, and you reject it, categorically. Vanguard America salutes you. Join us.

So here we are, as brothers and sisters. We are family, make no mistake, whatever our conflicting world-views or the distance of our kinship. As the Greek city-states, the American colonies, and the nations of Christendom made brothers of rivals in the face of annihilation and the yoke of subjugation, so we gather here in the dark corners of the internet and the rearmost booths in bars, seeking like minds and a cause worth staking all for. Vanguard America rejects the divide and conquer tactics of outsiders because we must. It is imperative that we do so, because the enemy wants us as indolent islands to ourselves. Decide now that they are not getting off that easily. Join us.

Whatever our background, we’re at a flash point in history. That’s not melodrama, nor is it arrogance. It’s fact and we believe that you, the reader, can feel it. We’re at the edge of tipping into either an epoch where centralized banks, Zionist interests and trans-governmental organizations that trample on our flags and look down at us with disdain, demanding “more, more!” of our children rule, or the dawn of an era of revitalization for all of our nations: a France without a theater full of dead young adults; a United Kingdom where the obliteration of children with nail bombs is punished and not excused; a Germany without rapes papered-over by a complacent and sedated press; a United States with its industry and manufacturing restored; and a Sweden with its dignity intact.

But whatever the aim, it is up to you to pursue it. We are the people of our nations, and it is easy to push this responsibility to others. You can say “what’s the point?” and give in to despair. You can say “I can’t do it but good luck guys!” and give in to complacency. There are many ways to avoid what your forebears expect of you, what was expected of them in their own time when the darkness closed in around those they loved. You can always find a good reason to not act, to sit at home and watch Netflix, to indulge in drink, or to lose yourself in pornography or other filth. Make no mistake, you do so with the ghosts of your fathers and grandfathers watching you with large, angry eyes. You are the last drop in a cascade of blood stretching back millennia because they were survivors, generation after generation. You must endure, and to endure is to struggle and fight.

Consider that your nation has been built, and stood, to this point because the people of the nation have filled their lives with action. Some have gone to war, and killed, and been killed themselves. Others gave their money. Others gave their sons. Others wrote moving pieces of literature extolling bolder and stronger men to such feats. The point is that men acted. It is why you are here, why you have a culture, and why you have life. Imagine facing these men in the hereafter and giving an account of your own deeds.

So here you are, wherever that is in the world. What will you do, in this historical crux of civilization? Will you grow fat, eating the garbage available at the nearest fast food restaurant, or will you have discipline, and build your body as a living monument to your legacy and the human ideal? Will you allow yourself, both your physical and spiritual self, to atrophy and wither as the darkness crowds in all around? Everyone you love, everything you’ve ever held dear, is touched by this darkness, and the darkness hates you. The foes of humanity are rising with the setting sun, and the sun is setting on us. How will your children view you? Will you even have any? Will anyone care when you are gone?

Even dying with your wounds to the fore, metaphorically or otherwise, is a victory of sorts. Spit in the face of this darkness, even as it threatens to choke the life out of you. Spit in the face of depravity, and injustice, and every vice that your soul is railing against as you order that fourth whiskey to numb your senses to what occurs around you. Stand and fight with Vanguard America. Join us.

If you are strong, fight as a strong man. If you are physically weak, work in the shadows and become like the enemy for the good of your children, born or not: undermine and erode their moral rot. Spread the truth in any format you can, either online or in person. Leave a disk filled with a truth-bearing video. Place stickers bearing our message on bathroom stalls and lamp posts. Plant the seed in the right person’s mind after a hard day. You never know what the right message might do to the right man in the right moment. Even a few words can be the spark that lights the tinder. Join us, and find fellowship with others who do the same.

Engage. Make it a point to earn the life you’ve been given by your father and mother. When you lie dying, you need to know, for your own sake, that you fought. Consider whatever is dear to you, be it a woman, your nation, God, a set of principles or your heritage. I extol you to honor that thing that you hold dear by struggling and fighting to keep that darkness from them, in whatever way you can.

You are not alone. Vanguard America awaits you.

Silver or Lead

There exists within the organized crime world a common tactic which, due to it’s effectiveness, finds use across dozens of such organizations. The mafia, the Mexican drug cartels, underground smuggling rings; all have found that one of their most effective strategies is to identify those people and institutions which stand as threats to their forward momentum and co-opt them. Police, customs agents, witnesses to crimes, politicians, and bureaucrats may be compromised by the simple ultimatum: “Silver or Lead”.

The expression, coined by Latin American drug cartels, has a simple meaning: “You’ll benefit by helping us, and we’ll destroy you if you resist us. We give you silver, or we give you lead.” In this way, corruption allows injustice to go unremedied, unpunished, or at best, impermissibly delayed.

The United States was founded by noble men with a frontier spirit, and we are descended from explorers and visionaries. And yet their creation, our government, has ultimately been turned into yet another attack vector against our culture and our people by the parasite of international financiers and multi-national corporations. This machinery gathered momentum over the long course of history, and like the cartels, they thrive on the corruption of would-be saviors and everyday heroes in order to continue their ongoing plundering of our wealth, murder our of people, exploitation of our soldiers and humiliation of our culture.

Those who have stood up to this momentum faced this choice: silver or lead? Those who chose lead include such names as Andrew Jackson and John F. Kennedy, as well as lesser known heroes such as Michael Hastings and Seth Rich. Of course, one may be given “lead” in a more figurative and less dramatic sense, as in the case of the destruction of Senator Joseph McCarthy’s legacy or the numerous instances of “doxxing” and intimidation by Antifa and other leftist filth.

For many on the right, but also for an overwhelming number of desperate and disillusioned working class Americans, Donald Trump represented just such a hero. Throughout the 2016 campaign, the “lead” came at him fast and furious, from non-stop negative press to outright felonious leaking by members of the US intelligence apparatus of sensitive material. The cartel that is our occupied government and the powers behind it saw in Donald Trump a violent nudge of the Overton Window, and a rallying point for the Americans that had successfully beaten into submission for so long.

And then the unthinkable happened. “We” won. Donald Trump was sworn into the presidency, and many believed that he would begin cutting away the tumor that had burrowed so deeply into the flesh of our nation. Gone would be the subversive influence of Zionism, foreign banks, the demographic dilution of mass immigration and the cultural perversion that had bled into our lives. It was a new day.

But many began to suspect, as we do, that shortly after his victory Trump was given the same ultimatum: “Silver or lead?”

It’s no secret that many of us at Vanguard America feel that he has failed to, or at least has been unacceptably sluggish in eradicating these problems. Worse, as days go one we receive mixed signals that he may have been co-opted by our enemies. We watch as President Trump solemnly places his hand on the Wailing Wall in Israel and bows his head in sympathy for a culture which is as alien to us as any other. We watch as he continues the warmongering destruction with the Zionist elements of our government, and we wonder, has he chosen the enemy’s silver? With the media attacks against him becoming increasingly shrill and nonsensical, it’s difficult to say for certain and we are getting mixed signals at best.

Time will tell. In the meantime, Vanguard America implores our countrymen to continue focusing on self-improvement. Exercise, eat nourishing food, read your children educational books and develop useful skills. Like a fasces, each individual man can only stand so strong on his own. As a collective we are unbreakable. This is a requirement for the men and women of the future, because in this way, soon they won’t have enough silver to buy us all, or enough lead to stop us all.

On Charlottesville – why we fight

On Saturday May 13th, Vanguard America sent some of its best to stand alongside Identity Evropa, League of the South, and the Traditionalist Worker Party to protest the proposed removal of a statue of General Lee in Charlottesville, Virginia. The purpose of the gathering was not simply over some metal sculpture atop a pedestal in a small Southern City. It was about defending the images of White history, White heroes, and White America. The Jews and their liberal shabbos goyim, in a feverish haste and hubris, have decided to prematurely declare themselves the winner of their War of Attrition against the White man by tearing down our monuments. Just as the Christ-Killers vandalized statues and temples during Rome’s fall (hence why most ancient busts lack noses), they now seek to blaspheme our history and heritage to spiritually drain White America.

The event was a smashing success. Writers at the (((Huffington Post))) and the (((Daily Progress))) were “literally shaking” as they furiously wrote their hit-pieces on the event. Their articles lamented the imminent Confederate Nazi takeover of the United States, yet simultaneously slandered the crowd of fit and disciplined White men and women as being perma-virgin basement dwellers. Their mistake, of course, was that said basement dwellers were actually busy making an appearance at the embarrassing Boston “free speech rally”

Many local “conservative” politicians soon engaged in a competition of who could cuck the fastest and hardest, revealing their true nature as controlled opposition for the ZOG machine, with the notable exception of current gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart. The Mayor of Charlottesville took the event as a go-ahead to denounce White interests and White identity, promising to erect statues commemorating lynching and other such morbid acts to prop up the Jewish Cult of Death that has gripped our Nation’s popular culture for the last century.

The day was practically ours from the start. After a breakfast a Chik-Fil-A, the last stand of implicit whiteness and anti-homo propaganda, the group met at one of the local parks to get into formation. Before long, a few washed-up spinsters babysitting brown children at the playground approached us, armed with their smart phones to take video and pester the group, hoping to send “evidence” to their Jewish masters for doxxing purposes. Their attempt to bother us amounted to nil as we soon unfurled our flags and embarked on our glorious march through the city. As we approached Lee Park, we passed a wedding ceremony for a beautiful White couple and wished for them to have many healthy offspring. As we gathered at the park, Richard Spencer, Sam Dickson, Nathan Damigo, and Mike Enoch delivered high-energy speeches to the crowd. Riled up with the spirits of our ancestors within us, we chanted in perfect unison: “You Will Not Replace Us!”. The sound rang throughout the entire city. The BLM crowd eventually took notice as we dispersed, and confronted us with a pathetic showing of attempted resistance to inevitable victory of Global White Supremacy™. (For video of this portion, click here).

As we left the rally to prepare for the next phase of events, many young Jewish college students left the multicultural (anti-White) festival at another nearby park to follow us down the street ranting and raving. As usual, these groups wait until the rally is over and then follow people as they leave so they can say that they “drove us out”. They genuinely think that they chased us away, because the only form of protest they understand is the “occupy” technique of loitering for hours smoking weed and playing terrible drum music; inconveniencing local businessmen is apparently the highest form of resistance for them. For Antifa, it is incomprehensible that we could show up for a rally, say our peace, and leave having delivered a powerful and coherent message. These worthless commies, feeling petered-out from having to walk almost half a mile, resorted to singing “Shoo fly, don’t bother me / Say no to white supremacy” to the tune of a nursery song. Truthfully speaking, that was the most painful experience of the day for me.

The banquet went by without a hitch and our speakers once again gave inspiring lectures about the movement’s future.

Finally, the greatest spectacle of the event came as we lit our torches for the night march. As we approached Lee Park for the last time, our footsteps shook the whole city. Torchlit vigils and other silent rituals are an important part of our heritage to remember the dead and heal the Spiritual Sickness that has plagued our people for so long. Indeed, this Spiritual Sickness is the root of all our problems. Even if we were to expel every Jew and non-White in this country tomorrow, we would still be a nation of depressed, addicted, degenerate, and deracinated people. This movement must begin as a spiritual movement. That does not mean we must choose to be Orthodox, Catholic or Pagan; it means that we must build a new society, culture, and identity based on beauty, aesthetics, rituals, health, history, and nature. We must create our own rituals, our own art, our own music. We must create a culture of life that the channels the spirits of those past to guide us as we carve out our future. We must solve our own people’s problems before we can truly face our enemies. To quote a wise /pol/lak, “If you want to gas the Jews, you must first gas the Jew within yourself”.

After a few words from Spencer and Dickson, we blew out our torches, our spiritual cups filled for perhaps the first time in all of our lives and once again shouted our deafening chants, shaking the entire city with our might.

There will be many more of these events. This march on Charlottesville was just the beginning of the inevitable Revolution of our people.

Hail Victory!

Strength Through Unity

Strength through unity is the universal motto for Fascists throughout history, which is why their traditional symbol is a Roman fasces; a bundle of rods bound to an axe.

There are many characteristics that an ideology must encompass to be considered Fascism. Some of these characteristics are agreed upon by historians, political scientists, and scholars but many of them are debated. The degraded and infiltrated state of our academic community within Western Civilization leaves one to endeavor to discover the nature of things without relying on these false intellectuals for guidance in all but the most simple of subjects.

When researching and pondering the nature of the new emergence of American Fascism then, one is left with very little historical data from which to draw any fundamental conclusions. This is because, while more traditional Fascism has some very concrete examples, American Fascism is still taking shape.

The American nation has always been unique and motley compared to its European counterparts, a mix of some of the most entrepreneurial and individualistic Whites on the planet. The nation and its people are still in flux, still evolving. The nature of this evolution, however is being altered by the influx non-whites into our lands coupled with the use of our institutions as weapons against us.

Now the very situation that threatens our survival is molding us into something new, something stronger and something very dangerous to our enemies. In this increasingly unstable world, and this most critical point of human development, we find that which we took for granted previously under direct threat of being lost forever. That is, if we do not act. Our people are under threat of losing political self determination, their way and standard of life, and even their lives in many cases. The ability to be able to choose the future for future generations will be lost if trends continue.

This nation within a nation that now forms inside the American Empire will be something no one has ever seen before. White Americans will have a new nation and that nation’s ideology will be Fascism; born out of necessity. Fascism has always manifested itself from nations facing existential threats from enemies without and traitors within, in America the case will be no different.

In every case, that existential threat was Communism, Cultural Marxism or the invasions of populations with incompatible cultures. The history of the Frankfurt School and of the Soviet Union’s plan to infiltrate and destroy our society from within could be seen as the definitive trickle to the torrential downpour of societal degeneration we see today. American Fascism, grown from the deepest roots of our people, will be expanded upon by the best of our folk and tempered in the flames of struggle against our enemies. In the end, the truth will be victorious, whether that finality comes in this lifetime or the next.

Fascism, simply stated, is merely the adherence to the natural laws that govern all beings under the sun. People, much like countless species of animals, naturally prefer to exist in the company of others who are most like them. That’s why churches, neighborhoods and even seating in high school lunchrooms naturally divide along racial lines. Societies that promote the family and racial homogeneity are normal and visibly healthy societies. Children who have parents that fill traditional gender roles and do not divorce are overwhelmingly more likely to grow up to be stable and successful than children who are raised by parents that practice any deviation from the structure of the nuclear family. Families are the building blocks of any society and that is why our enemies sought to destroy the family above all other things.

Cultural Marxism spreads degeneracy; American Fascism will uplift morality and righteousness. Cultural Marxism isolates and atomizes White men; American Fascism will promote the brotherhood and unity of White men. Cultural Marxism renders our women race mixers and promiscuous rags; American Fascism will teach the women of our race that virtue and modesty are the most desirable traits. Cultural Marxism targets and destroys our families. American Fascism will support and honor our families. This, the cultural side of American Fascism could be described as being alongside traditionalism. The cultural aspects of American Fascism could be argued as the most important aspect of the ideology. A nation is the sum of its parts and a nation built of morally strong, intelligent and determined people will not only survive but thrive.

A system must be implemented in which there is no adherence to individualism or collectivism, but one in which the collective strengthens the individual, and the individual strengthens the collective. The society is to hold its populace to the highest standard, not the lowest common benchmark. Every man’s life will be spent in a constant struggle for human betterment. Stasis is the enemy of the Fascist, and through unity can change become creed.

American Fascism will have a political philosophy unlike any other defining characteristic America has seen. The American people are truly unique in history. We are descended from pioneers and individualists and thus some of the more authoritarian style governments which have been tried successfully in Europe may not work in America if a direct replica is tried.

When the Libertarian comes to the realization that his particular philosophy, although in his mind superior, can only have a chance of success if it excludes many of the things which would be directly allowed by such an ideology, such as moral degeneracy or multiculturalism, authoritarianism becomes not only possible, but inevitable. Some of those within the failed, dwindling Conservative movement are now slowly coming to that realization as well.

The Conservative false idols entered a death spiral in which they could only maintain power by compromising on core beliefs, mostly by giving tacit approval for multiculturalism, and their compromises only gave them breathing room for another election or so in which they would have to compromise more to appeal to the large amounts of Leftist voters imported from abroad.

The Leftists themselves now had the option to import more and more non-Whites in order to maintain power within the State. They may already have passed the number required to not only keep power but also render whites as a minority and eventually only a memory in their own country. Once this impending threat is accepted by White Americans they will have no recourse but to abandon all forms of Leftism and subscribe to the only ideology that can logically work to save them. It won’t be conservatism; this failed ideology that has conserved nothing.

Once the defection of Whites from the center to the fringes of both Left and Right as the nation enters an irreversible plunge of polarization, then so too will the intensification of attacks on Whites. This will require fit, well trained, well-armed and well supported men to provide protection for Whites across the country, to fill the role the State failed to do in protecting them and providing order. Our forefathers envisioned the possibility of a tyrannical State destroying its people, and while they never could have possibly imagined the nightmare we face today, they set us up with the right to become our own protectors in the Second Amendment.

Just being White will not be enough to earn protection; everyone will have to live up to the standards of this budding ultra-nationalist form of Fascism that has sprung up. Everyone will be bound around that axe, in unity. Everyone will once again honor and support the warriors, leaders and exemplary people. This will come to be a social duty. We have been infiltrated and influenced by those who wish us harm. Our people need to have morality and standards and be protected from poisonous and harmful outside influences.

American Fascism begins inside a man’s spirit and grows there. He decides that he will put his family, his people, and his nation before himself. He decides that he will secure a future for his people and he’ll sacrifice himself to accomplish this. He’ll work daily to ready himself for whatever he may be called upon to do for future generations for he knows that the better he is, the better his family, his people, and his nation is. He will improve his mind and his body so that he can be the best version of himself possible. He will help his brothers to do the same. God help anyone who stands opposed to such a man. American Fascism will once again make this nation a bastion of hope for all of Western Civilization and will pave the way to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

On Israel: the Church or the Jews?

From the Vanguard America Chaplaincy.

With the advent of popular dispensationalist theology, the American Protestant community has found itself on one side of the Christian response to the Jewish question. Most will say that the Church is distinct from Israel, which ought to be only applied to the Jews. Jews, in their understanding, are still under many, if not all, of the Abrahamic Covenant’s promises, which unlike the Mosaic Law were never abrogated or replaced. They would further contend that to deny this, as the Catholic and Lutheran denominations do, invites anti semitism. Is the Evangelical Church correct in this line of thinking? If one is reading Scripture in a plain literal manner, then the answer is no.ArchChaplainLogo.png

The Body of Christ replaced the Jewish people as the true Israel once the Messiah’s own people rejected Him, reflecting that it is the people, not political matter, which is most important to God in His plan of salvation for all who believe. Regarding the concerns which lead people to deny this on soteriological and eschatological bases, we shall seek to assuage them with a clearer understanding of the Church age and its logical conclusions.

Scripture differentiates between Israel and the Jews, ultimately declaring the latter’s replacement by the Church. Jesus, in his most contentious dialogue with the Pharisees, denies that they are truly descendants of Abraham, stating that their true lineage comes from Satan; otherwise, they would not oppose Him, but “do the deeds of Abraham” (Jn.8:39-47 NASB). After the temple was destroyed in 70 A.D., the Pharisaic sect was all that was left of Judaism; with no temple, the Sadducees were eliminated, and the Zealots and Essenes were killed off or scattered by the Romans; the only Jewish group left were the ones Christ condemned, later called the “synagogue of Satan” (Rev.2:9, 3:9). Paul  later affirms this in his epistle to the Romans, separating Israel as a race from Israel proper: “they are not all Israel who are descended from Israel; nor are they all children because they are Abraham’s descendants” (Rom.9:6-7). He further explains this by separating the fruit of Abraham’s loins from the “children of promise” (9:8), indicating that the assurance God gave to the patriarch regarding a son, in the singular tense, was referring to Christ, not a nationality (Gen.21:12). As if it needed any repeating, Paul states plainly that “if you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s descendants, heirs according to promise” (Gal.3:29). The writer of Hebrews reflects this when he tells the Church that they have “come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem” (12:22), not that physical city which existed at the time the epistle was written. Peter would refer to the church as “a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God’s own possession” (1Pet.2:9); his statement is full of Old Testament references which all originally referred to the nation of Israel, but now apply solely to the Church that is Israel (Ex.19:5-6; Deut.7:6, 14:2; Is.66:21). If this were not the case, the Bible would make some distinction between the two and demonstrate the continuity of promise given to the former, but this is not only absent – if it were present, it would contradict the clear teachings of the apostles.

The ethnic implications which come to mind are likely the most difficult for the one who wishes to connect Israel with the Jews alone, as they present a soteriological difficulty. When Paul states that only a remnant of Jews find themselves in the Church (Rom.9:27), it means that only a few will be saved. Surely this is not surprising; after all, Jesus tells His disciples that “the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it” (Mt.7:14), and “many are called, but few are chosen” (22:14). Out of all peoples, so few are saved, that the remnant of Jews which find themselves putting faith in Christ’s atoning work upon the Cross, and His resurrection, is in line with the rest of humanity. The sticking point against it is that the Jews had their apparent means of salvation, the Law, taken away, whereas the nations of the world never had it to begin with. By taken away, we refer to their hardening (Rom.11:25), God’s intervention in the Jewish collective unconscious, having “a spirit of stupor, eyes to see not and ears to hear not” (11:8), with only a few left among the elect. Furthermore, we know that the Law of Moses was abrogated – no longer applicable for obtaining eternal life. They may point to the same chapter of Romans which states “the gifts and calling of God are irrevocable” (11:29), and contend that the matter cannot be one of supersession, but division; perhaps the covenant of promise to Abraham is still in physical effect for Jews, but not spiritually efficacious for them. This is not the case, for Paul would have made the distinction if such were the case. While he allows for educational advantage that a first century Jew would have had, being entrusted with the rite of circumcision and the Old Testament (Rom.3:1-2), he also teaches that there are many of them who refused to believe (3:3-4). This is not to say that a Jew cannot be saved though. We understand that a man is saved by the Grace of God through faith in Christ Jesus (Eph.2:8-9), and this applies to all of humanity (Gal.3:28), with access to salvation being granted to all. A Jew may find Christ, but he will be in the minority due to the hardening that God wrought upon his people, and will not remain a Jew once he is sanctified by the Holy Spirit, made into a whole new man.

If the Deuteronomic Covenant were still in place, we should see the Covenant Curses taking place among Jews today, and the complete abolition of national Israel within a matter of minutes. Deuteronomy 28 lists the consequences for refusing to follow God, up to and including Exile. Most Jews are atheists, and their actions throughout history are not blameless. Communism, the Holodomor, the Red Terror of Spain, the modern pornography industry and the corruption of the mass media – all have origins directly from, or owing heavily to, Jews. Yet Israel as a nation still stands and the curses outlined in the Covenant have not been realized; it is not in effect, and any Apostle could have told you this, for Christ “came to fulfill the Law” (Mt.5:17). If anything, the Hebrews ought to be thankful that they are not the “chosen people” in the sense they proclaim.Posters (5).png

A central reason for denying supersessionism is the premillennialist view of Eschatology. If the anti-Christ is to take “his seat in the temple of God, displaying himself as being God” (2Thess.2:4), then the temple must be rebuilt, should it not? And if the major last battles are to take place in Armageddon (Rev.16:14-16), and the “beloved city” where the “camp of the saints” is (Rev.20:9), then it stands to reason that Israel must be a place in which these will happen. Will it though? In reference to the temple, it is unclear what exactly Paul means, for formerly he had spoken of the Church corporate and the individual believer’s body as a temple (1Cor.3:16, 2Cor6:16). Furthermore, we understand that Christ refers to His very Body as a Temple (Jn2:19-22), and that the Church is the Body of Christ (Rom.12:5, 1Cor.12:12). This opens interpretation to the understanding that the Church, as the Temple of God and Body of Christ, may be infiltrated or led astray by a lawless authority figure. Also, there is no reason why the landmass called “Israel” should not exist for the final battles to take place; does this change who the true Israel is? Not at all. But while discussing eschatology, is the current nation of Israel, the Jewish state, all that important? John prophesies that the “sons of Israel,” according to their tribes, will comprise the one hundred and forty-four thousand sealed (Rev.7:1-8); this may very well be the number of males who comprise the Remnant of Jewish Christians. Those who contend that, at one point “all Israel will be saved,” in accordance with Romans 11:26, are not reading the previous statements regarding Israel, that “God has not rejected His people whom He foreknew” (11:2, emphasis mine). For Paul, that there were any Jews counted among the elect at all was a marvelous display of His faithfulness, especially in the Apostle’s own heritage as “an Israelite, a descendant of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin” (11:1).

Outside of these stipulations, where is the contention against replacement? It cannot be one of different plans of salvation for Jews and Christians, for Jesus is the only way to the Father (Jn.14:6). It cannot be one of Jewish heritage, as John the Baptist warns: “do not suppose that you can say to yourselves, ‘we have Abraham for our father,’ for I say to you that from these stones God is able to raise up children to Abraham” (Mt.3:9). It cannot be one of literal hermeneutic, lest the whole mass of verses rendered in this paper be removed from the Bible; interpreting them literally means accepting supersession to some extent. What, then, motivates the dispensationalist to hold his views?

Earlier, we discussed eschatology. It is this writer’s opinion that the divide between dispensationalist and supersessionist thought is the same, with the same camps, as that of the premillennialist and amillennialist. The man who holds to a thousand-year reign of Christ on this earth will come to the understanding that there will still be nation-states which serve God by bringing their offerings to Jerusalem. If that is the case, then one has a place for various difficult passages, like Ezekiel’s Temple in the Millennium (Ezek.40-48). It would not need to be explained by allegory, and given the sacrifices described, which seem to be in line with Mosaic direction (40:41; 46:7), there would be some group separate from the Church which does not engage in it. Here, the amillennialist takes issue, for offering “spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God” (1Pet.2:5) is our modus operandi, pleasing God more than any ram or bull; Ezekiel’s temple, then, must be at least partially symbolic, having none of the sin offerings described in 40:39. The premillennialist sees the reign of Christ at Jerusalem as the climax of history, of which the Church age is but a parentheses, and fully expects the character of the Old Testament national system (possibly even the Law) to return; the amillennialist keeps the Passion as the center, staying content with the imminent return of Christ. The division appears to be as irreconcilable as the flesh and the spirit.

In conclusion, we must address the accusations of antisemitism, as they reveal the underlying motive of many who would drive a wedge between Israel and the Church. By denying that Jesus “made both groups into one and broke down the barrier of the dividing wall” (Eph.2:14), they are expressing their disappointment that this joining did not include Jews, and thus prefer the separation that was once there. There is a palpable sense that excluding most Jews, in spite of their long history and former direct relationship with God, is offensive. This is not to say that every dispensationalist is so concerned with making Jews feel better, but a good portion of them are fascinated with Judaism as it is presented today, with John Hagee and “Christians United for Israel” being prime examples. That the loving sentiment is not returned by the Jews is ironic, given the amount of support they are receiving, is indicative of the kind of hardening Paul is trying to explain to the Church in Romans nine through eleven (1). The supersessionist may be accused of being anti-semitic, but he is at least aware of how much most Jews hate Christians. If speaking the truth regarding salvation is anti semitic, then so be it; salvation is still found in Christ alone, not in Judaism; and the Church is still founded upon the Gospel of Christ, not in “blessing those who bless the Jews.” May the Bride focus upon her Groom and her King, and continue to be sanctified in preparation for His second coming.


Maryland, Sanctuary of the Criminals

MarylandStateLogoA story has broken through the mainstream media in the last day or so about a rape case concerning a 14 year old girl in Rockville, Maryland. This vile act was committed by two foreign criminals from Central America, one of which was in this country illegally and had been caught previously crossing into our borders. Both of them have outstanding orders from Immigration Customs and Enforcement. These fiends had been placed into our public school system in Montgomery County, Maryland in the freshman class for their poor English skills, and brutally raped a 14 year old classmate in the boys bathroom during school hours. This heinous act and the ones to come have not been quelled, but enabled by the State of Maryland’s leftist legislation.

In the period of time around 2008 the state of Virginia began an illegal immigrant crackdown that forced many of these foreign criminals  to flee out of the state. Montgomery County had been one of the primary destinations of these individuals due to the close proximity to the state border. In fact, the Montgomery county population has always had a very high percentage of foreigners at 32.6% of people being born outside of the United States. The hispanic population also increased by 64.5% in the period between the 2000 and 2010 census.

The local government has gone way too far to protect these criminals especially since the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States. Trump has given ICE more power via a executive order to deport those who have crossed into our lands illegally. Montgomery county has taken to being a sanctuary city in all but name to protect these individuals by cooperating with ICE at bare-minimum requirements to maintain federal funding.

Where the real problem starts right now is that on the day this evil act occurred the leftist controlled Maryland House of Delegates passed the “Maryland Law Enforcement and Trust Act” 83-55 which effectively takes one big step toward making Maryland the first ‘sanctuary state’. This law protects criminals and puts our people at risk by impairing federal immigration enforcement. The Maryland government clearly does not understand the gravity of what it is doing to our people by allowing non-White criminals to run rampant in our state.IllegalsGetOutReee.png

This legislative slap in the face to White America is going to enable these foreign aliens to rape our women, ruin our cities, and destroy our homeland. We as Vanguard America must stand steadfast in the path to protect our families and loved ones from invaders of all foreign races. Lawmakers do not have White Americans in their hearts and minds and must be removed from office if they further seek to destroy our nationhood. We will not, and must not allow this land filled with so much history to degrade into a bastion of degeneracy that it may not recover from.

Vanguard America and Vanguard Maryland highly recommends that all Whites loyal to this nation and the true struggle of our people find any and all illegal non-Whites and report them to the proper authorities. These invaders must not be allowed a moment of solace in our nation, and we must utilize the institutions which have momentarily turned towards our interests.

The Warrior Spirit of American Fascists

We are brothers in arms and put those beside us before ourselves. We face the enemy on equal footing and show them respect where it is due, and deny all mercy when it is not earned. We are men of integrity, honor, and valor.

We are White, we are nationalists, and we are Fascists.

When a challenge is faced, there is less deliberation on potential hardship, as long as the challenge is overcome. Our fight is not for the preservation of some abstract, nebulous ideas of multiculturalism or democracy, but rather the very tactile and real notions of survival and the prosperity of our race. No man can truly dedicate his life and his vigor to a mere idea, a concept. People may “stand up,” for equality, but they may not die for it. If they do, they die for nothing.ShirtDesign1.png

We are of a warrior blood and warrior spirit, just as many generations of our ancestors have been. Our fight is both different and identical to theirs, against an enemy as old as the written word. A foundational standard of ethics must be present in our doctrine. This ethos will teach us shame instead of guilt, where a man is not merely judged by himself or God, but his nationhood and community. Shame for not improving yourself, for failing, for fleeing from danger, for fearing death itself. Self-preservation, found in all creatures, must be cast aside in favor of doing what is necessary to protect our race. Where you can die with honor, surrender is simply not an option.

We must live by loyalty to our race, fellow members of this eternal struggle, and our women.

Having the women of our people become once again proud of their blood and sure in their duties is insurmountably important. The backbone of a civilization is the family, and the backbone of the family is the mother.

Lead from the front, by example, or not at all is what we teach the greatest among us. Tackle a challenge with the intention of doing more than expected, not less. Face your enemy head, on in a fair fight. Know that sometimes you will have to take an initiative to win a battle before it is even fought. When times are bleak and hope seems a distant memory, steel yourself and only grow more resolute in your beliefs of victory at the end of struggle.

The warrior culture is ingrained in all peoples, including Americans. America once had a special society, one where men worked their own land and supported their family, but were ready to take up arms in defense of their homeland at a moment’s notice. Easy times in the second half on the 20th century changed that. Men and women fell into complacency, assuming that their nation would always be safe.

The pride of righteous conflict itself has been taken from the best of our people, as they no longer wage wars for the interests of their nationhood, but the interests of the vested few. Soldiers wage ineffectual wars in distant, foreign lands and die lying in alien soil for uncertain goals, and for what? So the cabal of Jewish-led international finance can gain more capital at the expense of American lives?

Now we have a civilian society, devoid of warrior culture, where former soldiers are considered outcasts by a large portion of our citizens. The lack of a society that fully supports our warriors is one that cannot last. We aim to fix this.
We are the flesh and blood medium in which Fascism flows and manifests itself. Fascism is an idea, and it cannot be killed with bullets or blades. Our men dedicate body and soul to a conflict they very well know could outlive them.

Embracing The Curse

By the Vanguard America Chaplaincy:

Before I begin, let’s dispense with the bad news. One day, we men will die. We will die at the end of what can only be described as a long, long, long work day. We are born, and the day starts. We are raised up as children, and have the morning preparations for work. Then we are adults, and the day’s labor, with its joys and sorrows, takes up most of our conscious time. For a brief period when we (hopefully) retire, our life’s Day sinks into evening, and we relax a little before our mortal coil is shed. Knowing that we shall awake once more, to an eternal Day, is a blessing from God, Jesus having assured it by His Crucifixion and Resurrection. However, that era is not yet upon us, and so we pray for Christ’s return, and learn how to deal with this Day as it is.ArchChaplainLogo.png

Establishing this mindset is absolutely necessary for all who would put themselves on the Right. Ours is not a Utopian idea, promising some classless society or perfect constitutional government, and so we must deal in facts and bet on reality. The temptation for one to become so subsumed by the political battle, by the goals of our Vanguard, without stopping to recognize our own human situation, is perilous to one’s own soul, for we run the risk of running counter to what God has established, and such endeavors never end well.

Let us recognize death for what it is. We know that “it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment” (Heb.9:27 – KJV). Have you thought about your family? Have you fought for your children’s’ future, or at least earned an inheritance for them once you have passed? Have you spent regular time in prayer and service to God? I should hope this latter is indispensable to you already – He decides your fate much more than your wife! Also, are you at peace with it? Have you stopped shaking your fist at the Almighty, and prepared yourself for the possibility of an early death? After all, our struggle for White preservation may cost us our lives, and we may die a martyr’s death for demonstrating Godly love to our own people. Lord knows, our movement is the resurgence of something old and true; Europeans, for once, are standing up for themselves.

Now for the good news! This life we live, as we live it for God, has a rewarding curse – you read that correctly. The same curse which God gave to Adam and all his descendants contains within it something wonderful. Let’s see if you can catch it:


And to Adam he said, “Because you have listened to the voice of your wife, and have eaten of the tree of which I commanded you, ‘You shall not eat of it,’ cursed is the ground because of you; in toil you shall eat of it all the days of your life;

thorns and thistles it shall bring forth to you; and you shall eat the plants of the field.

In the sweat of your face you shall eat bread till you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken; you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” – Genesis 3:17-19 -RSV


Did you see it? “In toil you shall eat of it all the days of your life,” and “In the sweat of your face you shall eat bread” – these are not unqualified evils placed upon man. Yes, God cursed men by making their work harder, but the curse is not work itself. Work is rewarded with bread, and we see by our growing muscles and expertise that it is not simply a full belly, but fulfillment that God promises to mankind through this constant effort. It is for this reason Solomon, during his struggle with the apparent meaninglessness in life, states emphatically

“Behold that which I have seen: it is good and comely for one to eat and to drink, and to enjoy the good of all his labour that he taketh under the sun all the days of his life, which God giveth him: for it is his portion.” – Ecclesiastes 5:18 -KJV

If our Lord had simply cursed us with dying on account of our sins, we should be in a worse position, living with no purpose, completely aimless, until we become dust once more. We see this with the atomized youth of America, the poor souls who do nothing in life. They earned nothing, and so all they have and do is counted as nothing; no matter how much they have, they will hate their life, for it is not something God has rewarded them with. If you are under a heavy burden, take courage, for God will deal with you more generously with a rich life no matter how little you have.

Let us use our hands, let us use our minds, and forge something as our European ancestors did. The White Man works harder than any other, having borne the standard of Christ and tirelessly hewn the cathedrals and castles, the spire and parapet, in honor of Him. We see the gift of God in the seventeen hundred years that Europe built civilization up from ashes, homesteaded a whole continent, and gave humanity technology and medicine. Take pride in your heritage, for it is an earned one, and continue the tradition!

Yet also take note that this is just as much a command and it is a benefit. There is a malaise that harms us if we rebel, choosing laziness over embracing the curse, and this destroys a man’s soul. Scripture will continuously condemn sloth, and we see the rotten fruits of rebellion in woman’s refusal to follow her curse; feminism gave us the most bitter, unhappy, angry, and sorrowful women on the planet, three quarters of them on antidepressants and the cat replacing the joy of a child. Learn from their mistake, be strong, and thrive.

If any one will not work, let him not eat. – 2 Thessalonians 3:10 -RSV