A Statistic on the Homosexual Pathology

0: Introduction Let’s be clear about this issue: We strictly do not support or endorse transvestites, gays, or other sexual deviants are mentally unhealthy, and thus pose a risk to any wholesome community. We do not speaking from ideology or hatred, but from an understanding of data about the LGBT clique that is not reported … Continue reading A Statistic on the Homosexual Pathology

Illusion of Protection

“The only real security a man can have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience and ability.” -Henry Ford   The primary purpose of the state is to provide security and order for its citizens. This is axiomatic, and is a point upon which all both the most extreme Leftists and Anarchists can … Continue reading Illusion of Protection

Strength Through Unity

Strength through unity is the universal motto for Fascists throughout history, which is why their traditional symbol is a Roman fasces; a bundle of rods bound to an axe. There are many characteristics that an ideology must encompass to be considered Fascism. Some of these characteristics are agreed upon by historians, political scientists, and scholars … Continue reading Strength Through Unity

On Israel: the Church or the Jews?

From the Vanguard America Chaplaincy. With the advent of popular dispensationalist theology, the American Protestant community has found itself on one side of the Christian response to the Jewish question. Most will say that the Church is distinct from Israel, which ought to be only applied to the Jews. Jews, in their understanding, are still … Continue reading On Israel: the Church or the Jews?

Maryland, Sanctuary of the Criminals

A story has broken through the mainstream media in the last day or so about a rape case concerning a 14 year old girl in Rockville, Maryland. This vile act was committed by two foreign criminals from Central America, one of which was in this country illegally and had been caught previously crossing into our … Continue reading Maryland, Sanctuary of the Criminals

The Warrior Spirit of American Fascists

We are brothers in arms and put those beside us before ourselves. We face the enemy on equal footing and show them respect where it is due, and deny all mercy when it is not earned. We are men of integrity, honor, and valor. We are White, we are nationalists, and we are Fascists. When … Continue reading The Warrior Spirit of American Fascists