Vanguard America is looking for the fit, the presentable, the hard working and the knowledgeable to fill our ranks in the coming struggle for race and nation. Every member of the Vanguard is an indispensable component of our victory. The brotherhood we foster is forged and tested in the flames of action. If you are willing to learn, act, train, and stand alongside us, then you have found your place.



  • You must be of at least 80% White/European heritage
  • No homosexuals, transsexual, adulterers, or any other form of sexual degeneracy
  • No felons, criminals
  • No hand/neck tattoos (exceptions possible)
  • No addictions of any kind (pornography, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc.)
  • No lifestyle choices that do not reflect our values

If you are unsure of your status as an eligible member, contact the email below.

For Contact:

  • Twitter: @VanguardAm
  • Email:

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