Vanguard Manifesto


America was built in the image of the Roman Republic. Its capitol, imagery, and goals were set with good intentions on that foundation. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, however, and our nation is surrounded in brimstone. The time of the Republic has passed in America, as the system grows weak. Arrogance and delusions of infinite power have brought the state to the point of buckling. The damage done to this nation and its people will not be fixed if every issue requires a vote, if every point must be debated, discussed, or deliberated upon. Democracy has failed in this once great nation, now the time for a new Caesar to revive the American spirit has dawned.

A Nation For Our People – An America based on the immutable truths of Blood and Soil. A multicultural nation is no nation at all, but a collection of smaller ethnic nations ruled over by an overbearing tyrannical state. Our America is to be a nation exclusively for the White American peoples who out of the barren hills, empty plains, and vast mountains forged the most powerful nation to ever have existed. Vanguard America stands indomitably opposed to the tyranny of globalism and capitalism, a system under which nations are stripped of their heritage and their people are turned into nothing more than units of cheap, expendable labor. Vanguard America, and our nationalist allies across the Western world, see a world of nations ruled by their own people, for their own people.

A Nation Of Values – In an increasingly materialistic world, it is vital now more than ever to create a society based on preserving and upholding the natural order that binds us. A strong social order based on natural truths is necessary to the health of any society. Human nature should be the foundation of all civilizations, and the starting point for ideologies, not something to be rejected in pursuit of unnatural aims which contradict it. The ideal structure of a family is one in which a hard-working father and nurturing mother instill strong values in the children of our nation. This family structure is, and has proven to be, the strongest core foundation for any nation, and thus any assault on the family must be met with swift and decisive action. We realize that equality does not exist in nature, and a government based in the natural law must not cater to the false notions of equality.

An Independent, United Nation – A nation based upon the values of self-reliance and fellowship must be created which stands entirely apart from the dictatorship of international finance. Like all independent nations, America should strive for a truly national economy. An economy that is self-contained, and free from the influence of international corporations, led by a rootless group of international Jews, which place profit beyond the interests of our people, or any people. Neither for the rich or the poor, ours should be an economy directed to act in the interest of our people and our people alone. America should protect the man’s right to fulfilling work, so that every hardworking man can provide for his wife and children. His labor will be directed to serve the interests of the national community. The chains of debt slavery wrap themselves tight around White Americans, such conditions must be reversed. A new generation of corporate leaders, who hold the interests of White America first and foremost, will naturally rise to the top of this new economy.

The free market is not the enemy, but global finance is. Average businesses will keep their usual functions and retain a profit motive. However, the large multinational corporations that have bled this nation dry will not be allowed to continue their detrimental efforts unabated. Once they are brought to heel, our currency will no longer be manipulated on the whims of the vested few, our jobs and industry will not be exported to foreign nations, and the media and entertainment industries will no longer be allowed to poison the minds of our people.

Disclaimer: Vanguard America is not an advocate of lawlessness, and has not committed, nor endorsed the use of criminal activity to achieve our means. Members who wish to commit criminal acts are expelled, and those left are those who assuredly respect the law.